The Most Popular Linux Distros 2020

The Most Popular Linux Distro in 2020

✅Red Hat

Red Hat is a Linux distribution developed by a company called Red Hat Inc and is often called Red Hat Linux but in 2003 it was changed to Red Hat Enterprise Linux specifically for corporate environments. This operating system was also the first to popularize the use of the RPM Package Manager system.


This OS stands for “Community Enterprise Operating System” and is an example of a Linux distribution system developed by The CentOS Project. This operating system is created using source code that comes from a different OS, Red Hat. Therefore, in terms of product CentOs is very similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


This is one of the Linux distributions that was developed because it is sponsored and supported by Red Hat but was created by a special team called the “Fedora Project”. Even the name Fedora is taken from one of the characters in the Red Hat logo itself. Similar to Red Hat, the Fedora operating system also uses the RPM Package Manager system.


openSUSE is also an operating system that is founded on the Linux kernel or so-called Linux distributions. The openSUSE Project as the developer created this operating system with the aim that Linux users can be more advanced with stable and user-friendly performance. openSUSE is more often used as a desktop/server operating system.

✅Mandrake (Mandriva)

The Mandrake operating system or what can also be called Mandriva Linux is one type of Linux distribution that this time was developed by a company called Mandriva. Similar to Fedora, the Mandrake operating system also uses the RPM Package Manager system.


The naming process of one of these Linux distributions is quite unique. The originator for the first time, Ian Murdock, gave the name Debian because it was a combination of his name and his former lover. One of the reasons why Debian is one of the most widely used Linux distributions is because of its good security.


Ubuntu is an operating system based on Debian and developed by a company from South Africa called Canonical ltd. The naming origin of Ubuntu also comes from the South African language which means humanity. By its nature as an open-source OS, Ubuntu is deliberately prioritized for public or server purposes.


If previously you knew that a Linux distribution called Ubuntu was made based on Debian, this time there is a Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu. Its name is Mint or what is commonly called Linux Mint.


Zorin is a Linux distribution that has a graphical appearance very similar to Windows, even including its applications. Since the beginning, the purpose of making this operating system is so that users who are familiar with Windows can enjoy the features of Linux without having to experience difficulties.

Make your own choice and choose wisely, every single one of them is made with their own unique characteristics. Make sure to learn a thing or two before you choose, knowing the basic will surely help you to make the right call.