The Advantage and Disadvantage of Linux

Let’s talk about the advantages of using Linux as your operation system.

Usually, the use or selection of the operating system is based on its advantages. Therefore, you can first compare the advantages of this operating system to ensure that Linux is the right choice. What are the advantages of Linux?

Linux Pros and Cons

Advantages of Linux

Free License

When using Linux, you can enjoy a free license. So, there is no need to pay some money to be able to use this OS.

Using 32-bit code

With the use of 32-bit code, Linux can run well with minimal crashes when the application is run. As a user, you also don’t have to worry about installing applications that don’t comply with the Linux bit code.

High-Security Level

Although it is open source, Linux comes with a high level of security compared to other OS. No need to worry about virus attacks that can threaten important data on your computer.

Nice Graphic Display

Linux doesn’t rule out graphics. This is evident in every version and type of Linux released. Ever used Ubuntu? The user interface is so nice and pleasing to the eye.

Source Code Can Be Modified

When needed, you can make modifications because Linux is open source. Programmers pay attention to this.

Choice of a suitable server computer

Want to make the computer as a server or admin? Of course, you can because Linux is very light but stable. Linux Debian is one option that can be used as a server.

Easier When Run

Linux is a lightweight system. Because it does not require large resources, you can even run it on an old computer. Just adjust it to your needs, and you will feel comfortable.

Disadvantages of Linux

Like any other operating system, Linux is certainly not present perfectly. In other words, although it comes with many advantages, Linux also has disadvantages. As a result, you may find some drawbacks in using Linux as an operating system of choice. What are the drawbacks?

Need More Skills

Although Linux is free for anyone to use, it is still rare for the general public to use this operating system. Therefore, technicians who can do the troubleshooting for Linux problems may still be rarely encountered. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and you can’t find it.

Lack of Software Support

Unfortunately, some popular and frequently used applications, including Adobe Photoshop, are not compatible with Linux.

Difficult Installation and Configuration Process

Are you so familiar with the Windows installation system that it is considered quite easy? Unlike the case with Linux, where the installation process is a little more difficult.

More confused to make a choice? If you only choose the downside, Linux will never be able to meet your standards and needs. Therefore, do not forget the advantages it provides. It would be better if you try this operating system first while enjoying the experience you get. Then, you can make a final decision whether Linux is really an operating system choice that can understand your needs in using a particular device.