List of Game Emulators On Linux

We often hear complaints from new Linux users, regretting that Linux doesn’t have any interesting games to play. Actually, that’s a big mistake because many powerful emulators are ready to spoil the turmoil of your game soul.

Indeed, not many people know that many emulators can be used on Linux due to the lack of documentation about Linux emulators. In this article, I will provide a list of emulators that are ready to run, starting from the Nintendo DS –

game emulators on Linux

DeSmuMe – Nintendo DSi

Surely you have heard of the portable console product from Nintendo called the Nintendo DS. Well, DeSmuMe is an emulator to play games on Nintendo DS. Many games can be played on DeSmuMe, provided the 3D is not too big because DeSmuMe is still not strong enough to play them.

You can download it at, or if you use Ubuntu, you just have to look for it in the Ubuntu Software Center. It’s already available. After installing it, you just need to find the game you want to play. You can see a list of Nintendo DS games and get them at


Well, maybe you want to reminisce about the past, when you had fun playing Play Station X or PS1 games, now PCSX-Reloaded is an emulator for playing PS1 games. Almost all games on PS1 can be played using this emulator.

You can download PCSX-Reloaded at, or if you’re using Ubuntu 9.10, it’s already available in the repositories.


With interactive games on Nintendo Wii, everyone will want to play them. So now Linux emulators for Nintendo Wii are also available. The emulator is named Dolphin, and you can download this emulator at or at

How to install the Dolphin emulator on the Wii, please have a look at Because I use an old laptop, so I’ve never experienced Dolpin, so I can’t review the Dolphin emulator emulator


JPCSP Now that we’re looking at using an emulator for the PSP, this Sony PSP already has an emulator and can run on Linux. With the Java programming language, so JPCSP can run on all platforms as long as you first install the JDK and JSE on your computer.

You can download the emulator on the official website, namely

I also can’t review this application because I just found out. However, I’m going to try it today, so wait for the review.

Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox –

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Now almost all consoles can be played on Linux, and now there is no reason not to use Linux because of the limited application for playing games.