False Facts About the Linux Operating System You Must Know

The Linux operating system is one of the best known. Of course, besides Windows and also Mac Os, which are much more widely used. Even though it is fairly familiar, the number of Linux users is far less than the Mac OS or Windows operating systems. Even though there are many advantages and advantages of using Linux when compared to the other two operating systems. One of the reasons for the lack of Linux users is because of the many false facts that are heard about this operating system.

There are tons of false or incorrect facts about the Linux operating system. So that it makes many people feel doubtful and even afraid to try to use an operating system with these many advantages. For that, below, we will give you what the wrong facts about Linux that should no longer be trusted are. Here it is!

 Linux looks unattractive

This fact is completely false. Linux has a GUI that is no less attractive. Apart from being as attractive as the appearance of Windows, the Linux GUI is actually not as complicated as many users imagine. For example, for Ubuntu Linux users, the GUI that they have is definitely very attractive and also not difficult. There are also several other types of Linux that are just as interesting.

For users new to Linux, installing a display theme will also be very helpful. There are currently several different types of display themes available for download for Linux. For example, the Windows theme on Linux.

Some Linux distributions like elementary os have a GUI that is no less beautiful than macOS.

 No virus in Linux

One more false fact about Linux is that there is no virus in this operating system. In fact, even computers or laptops that use the Linux operating system can catch viruses. It’s just maybe not as frequent as Windows. This is because viruses or malware created for Windows will not work on computers with the Linux operating system.

Interestingly, most viruses are currently only made for Windows only. It is very rare for a virus to be created for the Mac OS operating system or even Linux. But again, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a virus at all on the operating system.

 Linux operation only via terminal

When it was first introduced a few years ago, Linux had to be operated via a terminal. Much like DOS. But then again, that was then. Currently, developers have developed many different types and types for Linux. Where the operation becomes very easy. Until now, almost all types of Linux operating systems can be used as usual. Like when you use a computer with the Windows or Mac OS operating system. The use of terminals in Linux has become increasingly rare, as rare as when you use a terminal or CMD on Windows. So, the difficulty of using it is no longer a reason not to use Linux.

 Cannot play games on Linux

Wrong! Currently, there are lots of games made for the Linux operating system. Not only that, even some types of games can be accessed and played as usual with Linux. For example, DOTA 2 or left four dead games are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems. Even well-known game developers like Steam are now providing support for use with Linux. So, using this operating system doesn’t mean you can’t play games anymore.

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