These are the 5 most useful versions of Androbuntu Linux

It must be admitted that although there are now more and more numbers, the availability of applications for the Linux platform is still less than Windows and macOS.

Therefore, some people might have trouble finding the application they want on Linux. But if you are a gambler and want a online poker application on your Linux system, you can try to check it on Google, which is a good browser to play your favorite game there. Despite you are on a Linux system, you can easily download the online poker game and play it without being interrupted by the ads.

Luckily, there are similar applications with the same features as their favorite applications on the Windows platform. Well, this time, I want to share 5 Linux applications that I use frequently. Curious? Check below.

5 Most Useful Androbuntu Linux Applications

1. Gimp



First, there is Gimp. For those of you who don’t know, Gimp is an open-source photo processing application. Gimp is often juxtaposed with Photoshop because its availability is almost similar, yes, even though it’s not as complete as Photoshop.

But along with its development later, I’m sure Gimp will be more established. And on Androbuntu, Gimp is usually used to compress images, crop images, and other things related to images and photos.

2. Inkscape



Inkscape is the software that I usually use to make vector images such as logos and icons. Speaking of which, I also created the Androbuntu logo using Inkscape. Usually, when there are tutorial articles that require me to create banners or interesting images into it, I always use Inkscape.

Based on the functions and features, Inkscape can be likened to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Yes, although the features are not as complete as Illustrator, for me, who is not a professional designer, it is enough. The advantages of Inkscape compared to Illustrator include its small size and lightweight.

3. Chrome


I think the browser is a mandatory application that should be on all computers and laptops. Especially for a blogger like me who most of my work time is spent in the browser. And for the mainstay browser, I dropped on Chrome. The reason?

Simple and lightweight display and synchronization feature that really helps to synchronize the browser history on the laptop and Android. And of course, Chrome is fully integrated with other Google services.

4. Dropbox


I am one of those who are quite anti-storing data on the hard disk. Both the internal hard drive and external hard drive. Because by storing data on the hard disk, the risk of losing data is very large. Either because of damage to the hard disk, lost the hard disk, or something else. And I have felt the pain of losing data because of this.

The pain was far more painful than being left behind when I was, unfortunately, unfortunately. So now I save all data in the cloud. The cloud storage application that I use is Dropbox. The reason is simple because Dropbox is one of the few cloud providers that provide Linux versions of applications. So I can sync the data that I store on Android and also the laptop.

5. Simplenote


To write articles that I publish on Androbuntu, I usually write to them using Simplenote. Only when finished, will I move to the WordPress dashboard. Simplenote, as the name suggests, is a very simple note-taking application. But it really met my needs.

Simplenote’s main features include synchronization between devices, making an unlimited number of notes, and completely free. And of course, what I like the most is that there is a Linux version of the application. So I can write on a smartphone, then continue on the laptop. Or vice versa.

Well, that was the 5 most useful Linux application version of Androbuntu. Do you use it too?